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Daniele Frasca

I am a senior solutions architect at AWS, helping customers in Financial Services Industry with their cloud journey. I am also part of the Serverless Technical Field Community at AWS, passionate about building modern applications using AWS Serverless services. I am part of the AWS Cloud Women Community’s core team, with the mission of helping ‘women in tech’ and bringing gender equality in Cloud roles, through various ‘Women in Tech’ events and publishing Social media Content. A bit about me - I practice yoga everyday and strongly believe that good mental health is the key to a successful career and life.


Empower your business with GenAI on Modern Serverless Applications on AWS


This session will describe various Gen AI use cases and how we can leverage the existing AWS Serverless services in conjunction with the new feature announcements of Amazon Bedrock to implement the use cases. The session will showcase a demo at the end of the session to bring the GenAI use case to life, highlight the business outcomes and provide resources to enable the audience to use it for their business problems.

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