CSO 2021: Q2 Talks


Ben Bridts:

Do(n't) try this at work: Technically possible in AWS

Mike Fowler:

Chaos Engineering with the Fault Injection Service

Full Talk

Chloe Warren:

Amazon's Culture of Innovation

Rebecca Brannan:

re/Start Q & A 

Darren Hardman:


Sridevi Murugayen:

Real Time Analytics for Streaming Application

Jags Pupasadi:

Introduction to Quantum Computing.

Steven Harper:

Self Hosted Github Action Runners in AWS

Tim Bannister:

Serverless PCI-DSS compliance on AWS


Migration Roundtable

CSO 2021: Q1 Talks


Alex White:

Build Highly Scalable, real time applications through the use of AWS Appsync.

Andrew Larssen:

Build and run a secure service on AWS.  

Bruno Amara Almeida:

7 AWS Deadly Sins.  

Jonty Bale:

Cinch's journey to AWSLevel 200/300  

Emrah Samdan:

Bugs of modern architectures and how to hunt them before they bite.  

Angela Timofte:

Amazon DynamoDB: Untold stories of databases in a serverless world.  

Ben Ellerby:

Load testing AWS serverless architectures using serverless .

Gareth McCumskey:

Doing Serverless locally is not what you think.  

Ionut Craciunescu:

Protecting data in S3 using access controls and encryption 

Steve Giguere:

Layer Cake