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 Leaders track 

'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Embracing Serverless in the Enterprise'

Luc van Donkersgoed

Principal Engineer at PostNL | AWS Serverless Hero 

PostNL has been building a strictly serverless application landscape since 2018. In this talk we will tell our story: a short history of PostNL, why we chose serverless, the results we achieved, and the challenges we faced.

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SESSION 1: 09.40

How do you measure your enterprise’s readiness for serverless?


Engineer | Architect | Speaker | O'Reilly Author | AWS Serverless Hero



SESSION 2: 10.30 TBC

SESSION 3: 11.30

SESSION 4: 12.20 



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Luc van Donkersgoed

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Finding The Value Flywheel Effect

david anderson

Software engineer | Author of The Value Flywheel Effect

Modernization is everywhere but poorly understood. There is no framework, but there is a direction of travel. The challenge is that every company is different. Vendors can help us and offer us services, but they can't do it for us.

The mechanisms of the value flywheel effect will help you move from clarity of purpose to long-term value.

The Value Flywheel Effect, published in 2022, describes an approach to creating a Serverless-First organization that uses Well-Architected Socio-Technical ideas and Wardley Mapping to drive change.

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SESSION 5: 14.10 

SESSION 6: 15.00 TBC

SESSION 7: 16.00 

The architect elevator: Connecting the boardroom and IT

Gregor Hohpe

Principal Evangelist at AWS

I've been called the "IT transformation jester" - unbiased, trusted, influential, and witty. My unlikely career path allowed me to learn entrepreneurship in a Silicon Valley startup, strategy at Deloitte, agile development at ThoughtWorks, internet-scale engineering at Google, and IT transformation at Allianz. Now I combine all of them to solve IT problems by seeing them from more angles.

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