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Matt Houghton

Matt is Data Architect @CDL_Software where he spends his time undertaking R&D and working with customers and CDL teams on their most challenging and complex data problems. Matt is an AWS Ambassador and AWS Community Builder. In 2023 he was awarded the AWS ‘Gold Jacket’ and became an AWS Certification All Star for holding all AWS certifications. @mattdevdba


Data Driven Well Architected


In this session I’ll be talking about how you can use data from the Well Architected Tool to drive improvements in software development.

I will demo how to extract data from the WA tool and then show how I’ve used QuickSight to build dashboards that profile risks across an organisations architecture.

I’ll show how you can improve design review transparency and tailor well architected to your organisation or industry specific needs with custom lenses.

Above all I will show a data driven approach to identifying trends for improvements across a software development organisation.

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