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Vadym Kazulkin

Vadym Kazulkin is Head of Development at ip.labs GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the FUJIFLM Group, based in Bonn. ip.labs is the world’s leading white label e-commerce software imaging company. Vadym has been involved with the Java ecosystem for over 20 years. His current focus and interests include the design and implementation of highly scalable and available solutions, Serverless and AWS Cloud. Vadym is the co-organizer of the Java User Group Bonn and Serverless Bonn Meetup, AWS Community Builder in the Serverless category, and a frequent speaker at various Meetups and conferences.


Detect operational anomalies in Serverless applications with ML-based Amazon DevOps Guru


In this talk we’ll use a standard serverless application that uses API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, Kinesis, Step Functions, Aurora (Serverless) (and other AWS-managed services). We’ll explore how Amazon DevOps Guru recognizes operational issues and anomalies like increased latency and error rates (timeouts, throttling and increased latency). We will also explore DevOps Guru “Proactive Insights” which recognize configurational anti-patterns like missing failure destination on Kinesis Data Streams or DLQ on SQS or over-provisioning of AWS services like DynamoDB tables. We’ll also integrate DevOps Guru with PagerDuty to provide even better incident management.

Amazon DevOps Guru analyzes data like application metrics, logs, events, and traces to establish baseline operational behavior and then uses ML to detect anomalies. The service uses pre-trained ML models that are able to identify spikes in application requests, so it knows when to alert and when not to.

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