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I’ve worked with data for almost 10 years and with AWS since 2019, and have been a content creator since 2021. AWS selected this session as one of the six dev talks for April’s AWS Summit London Community Lounge:

I presented there with a slide deck and pre-recorded demo. Internet would be great because I can show more about what the state machine and Eventbridge scheduler are doing, but a lack of internet isn’t an issue. The additional presentation time means I can add some cut content from the April session (and add whatever AWS add to the services used between now and ComSum!), so it’ll be a newer version of the session.


Building And Automating Serverless Auto-Scaling Data Pipelines In AWS


The modern data professional navigates a dynamic data landscape, handling high-velocity raw data at ever-changing volumes. In this intermediate session, I demonstrate a fully serverless auto-scaling data pipeline using AWS services.

This session includes:

  • Getting and storing API data with AWS Lambda and Amazon S3.

  • Transforming the API data with AWS Glue & Amazon Athena.

  • Pipeline automation and orchestration with AWS Step Functions and Amazon EventBridge.

Ideal for Data, DevOps, and Architecture professionals, this session offers practical insights into building efficient serverless data pipelines. Join to enhance your skills and explore the latest in Data Engineering and AWS.

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