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Take a look at the talks coming your way from the speakers themselves.

We'll be adding more video abstracts all the time in the run up to the event. 


Luciano Mammino:

Everything I know about S3 presigned URLs

James Eastham:

Serverless Integration Patterns; The Importance of Language in Software Architecture

Sheen Brisals:

Enterprise-scale Serverless Adoption Essentials: An Experience Report From The Trenches!

Debbie Griffin:

Journey into the World of Generative AI with AWS

Luca Mezzalira:

Take a look under the hood of Lambda

Ben Pollard:

CDK & Team Topologies - Enabling the Optimal Platform Team

Joel Hamilton:

Building serverless microservices at Bionic: A tale of code re-use and inner-sourcing

Andrea Cavagna:

Learn how AWS Cloud Operations services enable automation.

A developer’s point of view on investing in security, identity, operations, management, and networking within open-source tools and System Manager.

Andi Empett:

Growing Pains: Going Multi-Account at Capsule

Andreea Merariu:

Automating API Consumer Onboarding Process on AWS

Martyn Kilbryde:

Monolith to EDA: First Steps

Tom Misiukanis:

Dude, where’s my Lambda?

Guy Templeton:

How Skyscanner Built a Resilient k8s Platform on EC2 Spot/EKS and Saved 73% of Their Cloud Spend

Dave Boyne:

Navigating the journey of adopting a serverless event-driven architecture

Phil Basford:

Using IDP to optimize document processing

Cristian Pallarés:

troducing Winglang - a new open-source programming language designed for the cloud

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