Stuart Jones - Deconstructing the monolith - migrating complex systems simply and efficiently

Serhat Can - 4 Key takeaways from running Serverless on production for 4 years

Bruno Amaro Almeida - What can AWS tell us about fake and credible news media websites?

Matt Houghton - Combating Fraud and Providing Customer Insights In Real Time

Richard Pablo - IoT: Edge provisioning, solving the nightmare

Ben Bridts - $ AWS Help

Bernd Rücker - Lost in transaction? Strategies to manage consistency in serverless architectures

Michelle Chismon - Anything is possible: Learning with AWS DeepLens

Efi Merdler Kravitz - 7 things you need to know before going serverless

Mike Fowler - Getting Started with Machine Learning

Dan Pudwell - How we built & ran a production application for under £100.

Will Hall - Accelerating Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management with CI and AWS

Nils Mohr & Jake Pearce - 100 years of flight data at British Airways. Past, present, & future

Onur Salk & Onur Gurdamar - Everything as Code: Creating an application stack from scratch!

Hillel Sollow - They Moved Your Cheese? Pragmatic Security in a Code Centric World

Emrah Samdan - Applying Chaos Engineering to build resilient Serverless Applications

Phil Basford - Machine Learning at scale with AWS SageMaker

Liz Rice - What’s the big deal with container vulnerability scanning?owler - Getting Started with Machine Learning

Byron Berrisford - Kubernetes from Zero to Hero!

Ben Ellerby - Custom runtimes on AWS Lambda

Sabreena Ali - Logic Monitor Demo

Madeleine Goerg - AWS re:Start presentation

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