Diptesh Patel - Achieving Cloud Adoption At Enterprise Level 

Chris Gillespie - Running Aws Locally 

Bruno Amaro Almeida - Deployment Automation For An Aws Serverless Project 

David Lewthwaite - Multi Account Strategy For The Small Business

Doug Winter - Serverless For Visual Journalism At The Bbc

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Ewan Leith - 5 Years Of Using Aws Redshift, Emr, And Athena 

Ryan Thornley - Experiences With Serverless For High Throughput, Low Usage Applications 

Yan Cui - How To Build a Social Network On Serverless 

Roland Hougs - Iam Is Your Friend 

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Doug Thomson & Indy Baines - Making Legacy Legendary 

Mike Fowler - Getting Started With Machine Learning 

So We Hear You Know Something About Cloud… | Jonty Bale