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We’ve partnered up with DTX to run live, in-person DeepRacer workshops as part of the AWS Community Summit at ExCeL 6-7 October.

This workshop will give you hands-on experience with reinforcement learning (RL) helping you build, train and deploy models in AWS DeepRacer

At the event, we'll have the full-size AWS DeepRacer track (34 feet long, 27 feet wide!) and the UK’s first DeepRacer league for over 2 years on the full-size track.

The session starts off by orienting you to AWS DeepRacer before diving into RL. You’ll have opportunities to build, train, and evaluate your own RL models.

By the end of the course, you’ll have your own optimised RL model that you can try out on the full size DeepRacer track at ExCeL and enter into the AWS DeepRacer League. There are prizes for podium placed competitors.

We’re also running a free one hour virtual workshop on 24th September at 13:00 BST for anyone who either can’t attend the live event in London (or who wants to get ahead of the competition and have more time to train their models!)

We've some great prizes on offer for those competing:

1st   DeepRacer time trial car

2nd  Echo Show 8

3rd   Echo Show 5

Hit the register button to sign up for either the in-person, or virtual workshops.

By registering for the in-person workshop you’ll also be registered for the full DTX event, to ensure you can access the venue on the day.


AWS DeepRacer is an autonomous 1/18th scale race car designed to test RL models by racing on a physical track. Using cameras to view the track and a reinforcement model to control throttle and steering, the car shows how a model trained in a simulated environment can be transferred to the real-world.

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