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10:00 BST

Welcome and Introduction

Phil Horn

Co-organiser  - ComSum

Phil takes us though what's planned for the day


10:10 BST

Keynote from AWS




10:20 BST

Terrifying Blue Green Deployments + Live Q&A

Simon Clifford

DevOps Engineer - Money Supermarket Group

We’ve been working on a new approach to Blue Green style deployments of EC2 instances which provision on boot. We have taken the approach to be as DRY as possible and are using Terraform to generate Terraform in lieu of count/for_each being available for modules. We plan to use an ALB traffic switch


10:50 BST

An introduction to AWS re/start

Stephen Hughes 

Director of Programmes & Partnerships - re/start


AWS re/Start is a full-time, classroom-based skills development and training program that prepares individuals for careers in the cloud and connects them to potential employers. A technology background is not required to apply and the program is focused on unemployed or underemployed individuals, including military veterans and their families, and young people.


10:55 BST

CI/CD in the Serverless era
+ Live Q&A 


Efi Merdler-Kravitz

Director of Engineering - Lumigo

In this session, we’ll learn about building a fast and robust Serverless CI/CD pipeline used for delivering a Serverless product.
Get prepared to learn about the

  • Tech stack

  • Development process

  • Staged release using a step function

  • Parallel testing


11:25 BST

AWS Community Mastermind

Ricardo Sueiras

AWS Technical Evangelist 

AWS Mastermind is back... this time it's you guys in the chair!


11:30 BST

Serverless Application Development - Real Stories from the trenches. + Live Q&A

Gareth McCumskey

Solutions Architect - Serverless Inc.

Serverless is a revolutionary way to build web applications but is it any good? What are the gotchas and issues? This talk is based on real world development using Serverless technologies


12:00 BST

Spot: Sponsor interview

Phil Horn / Byron Berrisford

Phil has a quick chat with Bryron from

spot for agenda.jpg

12:05 BST





12:35 BST

re/start interview

Phil Horn

Co-organiser  - ComSum

Further conversation with the re/start guys

restart pic.jpg

12:40 BST


Phil Horn

Co-organiser  - ComSum

Grab a sarny and get ready for the afternoon sessions.

sandwhich pic.jpg

13:10 BST

Sponsor interview




13:20 BST

Why Global Infrastructure Matters and How AWS Helped Us + Live Q&A

Serhat Can

Technical Evangelist - Atlassian

The Cloud helps us move fast, reduces time to develop & ship, and eventually saves us time and money. But we often forget about how the cloud helps us build reliable apps. In this talk, I take a closer look at an important part of Cloud’s reliability promise: Global Infrastructure.

hero serhat.jpg

14:15 BST

AWS Community Mastermind

Ricardo Sueiras

AWS Technical Evangelist 

AWS Mastermind is back... this time it's you guys in the chair!


14:20 BST

+ Live Q&A

Rhys Evans

Principal engineer - Financial Times

Serverless environments are not so ephemeral as the marketing would have you believe. I’ll tell you how you can write nodejs that makes use of their surprising statefulness to increase inefficiency and save money, and cover some of the pitfalls to avoid


14:50 BST

Bridgecrew: Sponsor Interview

Phil Horn

Phil catches up with Bridgecrew for a quick chat.


14:55 BST


Zamira Jaupaj 

AWS APN Ambassador - Mobiquity Inc



15:25 BST

AWS Community Mastermind

Ricardo Sueiras

AWS Technical Evangelist 

AWS Mastermind is back... this time it's you guys in the chair!


15:30 BST

Serverless development strategies for stateful applications + Live Q&A

Benjamin Smith

Senior developer advocate for serverless - AWS

Serverless is inherently a stateless paradigm but many applications still have state, so where does the state go? There are several strategies to handle state when writing business logic in serverless applications. This session will explore the relative merits and limitations of each, with real world examples from some of our most successful serverless customers.

ben pic.jpg

16:20 BST

You're a Machine Learning Rock Star with AWS DeepComposer

Kesha Williams

Trainer @ A Cloud Guru, ML Hero, Alexa Champion

AWS DeepComposer is a machine learning enabled keyboard that allows you to explore the complexities of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) in a fun, interactive, and hands-on way. In this session, you'll develop machine learning skills (and maybe score your first recording contract) by using Generative AI and AWS DeepComposer to compose a totally unique music track. You'll learn about music composition and the power of machine learning to create something new. By the end of the session, you'll be a machine learning rock star!


16:50 BST

Wrap Up

Phil Horn

Co-organiser  - ComSum

Thanks and Comp winners.

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