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David boyne

David Boyne is a Serverless Developer Advocate for AWS Serverless who is focused on helping others learn all things related to serverless and event-driven architectures. He regularly shares his thoughts around event architectures and develops and contributes to many open source projects to help the community learn and get more out of their tools. He is very passionate about the future of serverless with event architectures and wants to help others explore and understand what is possible.


Avoiding the big ball of mud with serverless event-driven architectures


Event-driven architectures (EDA) promise to deliver unparalleled speed and agility in software development, yet without a mindful approach to their implementation, they can devolve into unwieldy, chaotic systems— often described as the ‘big ball of mud.’

This talk addresses critical challenges faced when building scalable and maintainable event-driven architectures, including lack of standards, issues with versioning, discoverability, event design, and the lack of clear domain boundaries. Through an exploration of common pitfalls in EDA implementation, attendees will learn about effective patterns, practices, and governance models designed to prevent these issues. We’ll cover essential topics such event design, schema management, domain-driven design, governance structures and look into the future of event-driven integrations.

This presentation aims to arm architects and developers with the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage the full potential of EDA, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for innovation and agility. Prepare to dive deep into the strategies that prevent the descent into complexity, ensuring your EDA initiatives drive your business forward with the speed and agility they were designed to enable.

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