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Senior Engineer at Trustpilot

  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional

  • AWS Devops Engineer Professional

  • AWS Subject Matter Expert

Chris has been developing software for longer than he cares to remember. Having spent time working in healthcare and video streaming he is currently plying his trade at Trustpilot where he spends most of his time designing and building AWS workloads and implementing good coding and devops practices.

Outside of work he is a proud Dad of Chloe and Lydia, a distinctly average cricketer and a very slow runner with a couple of half marathons behind him.


AWS No Code Challenge


As AWS has been adding more and more direct service integrations I thought it would be interesting to try and create a service using just service integrations without writing any code. Spoiler it was!

Rather than just a CRUD API I recreated one of my teams actual production workloads including an API, workflow orchestration and events.

This talk will show how I built the workflow using these AWS services:

  • API Gateway

  • DynamoDB

  • EventBridge Bus

  • EventBridge Pipes

  • EventBridge Scheduler

  • SNS

  • SQS

  • Step Functions

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