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Fabrizio Gattuso

I’m a tech enthusiast with a pretty eclectic journey. Beginning my career in the home automation (domotic) sector, I later pivoted to study Computer Science with a focus on embedded and IoT solutions. My research journey involved delving into power-saving strategies for embedded devices and exploring innovative wireless communication protocols for energy efficiency. In a notable chapter of my career, I contributed to building solutions in the Underwater Internet of Things sector as part of a spinoff from Sapienza University known as Wsense. There, I established the AWS team from the ground up, showcasing my leadership and technical skills. Currently residing in Germany, I have transitioned to Nordcloud, a leading consultancy company. As a Cloud Solution Architect and People Lead for the AWS team, I bring a wealth of experience and a passion for driving innovation and excellence in cloud solutions. Beyond the tech realm, you’ll find me exploring the great outdoors through endurance sports like biking (road and gravel), road and trail running, and hiking. I’m equally passionate about the finer things in life such as craft beer, wine and good food.


Solving data challenges embracing serverless simplicity


Embark on a transformative tech journey, sidestepping traditional data tools for a serverless experience with AWS Athena, Step Functions, and Lambda. Seamlessly manage terabytes of CloudWatch and CloudTrail logs, employing diverse file formats and parallel execution. Witness the alchemy of compressing and transforming data, turning complexity into a low code (no-ETL) pipeline tailored on the customer use case. This journey not only delivers practical insights but also unveils cost-saving strategies, ensuring efficiency and value to the solution. Leave behind the complexities of heavy engineering and enter a realm where serverless simplicity converges with optimized data processing. Now, individuals with minimal data experience can effortlessly construct products with ease.

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