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Abstract: Finding Your Purpose in Tech. How Cloud Sustainability Can Help You Save The World.
A practical session to help developers and tech leaders work more sustainably in the Cloud. Climate change is an undeniable fact of reality but can we really stop it through the increased use of technology.
By understanding how Cloud impacts the real world around us you can start to make better decisions and even find a new purpose in tech.
The Cloud has brought us countless innovations but as also opened the door to bad habits and poor practices. We often rely on infinite scalability to support unoptimized workloads rather than tackle the real problems underneath.
By working and thinking more sustainably we can take action to help reduce the impact we have on the world both in our work life and our personal lives as well.
You will walk away with the tools and methods you can use to critically review the actual cost of deployment, not just in terms of money and emissions but also the impact on your users and our planet.

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