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Sustainability applies to everyone’s walks of life, including software engineering. If we think of the longevity of an application to garner maximum benefit over a while, then we are building a sustainable product. Similarly, while developing a product, we apply practices that reduce waste, eliminate redundancy, etc. That way, we follow processes that promote sustainability in development.
When it comes to the cloud platform that hosts and runs our serverless applications, we come to know the energy consumption, carbon footprint, and other factors that have a direct impact on our planet. The sustainability of the environment thus becomes part of serverless development and our responsibility.
Sustainability thinking will become prevalent as the adoption of serverless continues to grow. This talk addresses these to give a clear understanding of how to achieve.

Sheen is an AWS Serverless Hero. In his current role at The LEGO Group, Sheen is guiding engineering teams to architect and build Serverless solutions. Sheen has held several positions at leading software organizations over his long career. He is very passionate about serverless and loves sharing knowledge with the community. He talks about serverless at conferences around the world.

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